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Are you looking to increase manufacturing productivity and efficiency? Then this next-generation software is for you. Tulip helps put engineers, designers and problem solvers back at the center of manufacturing with Shop Floor IoT, App Engine and Analytics.

Product Description

Bring the latest technological advances from your lab to the shop floor with Audit and Quality Apps, Work Instruction Apps, Lean Manufacturing Apps, Machine Monitoring Apps, Training Apps and Visibility Apps. Tulip’s IoT Gateway makes it easy to connect your machines, smart tools and sensors through a plug-and-play solution while the App Engine digitizes your operations, helping those closest to your machines and devices be better equipped for manufacturing challenges. Plus, Tulip also collects data that was previously unavailable. With the Manufacturing Analytics tool, your team can analyze and visualize this data from anywhere, understand OEE, identify bottlenecks and improve in real-time.

Software Features

The platform has three main capabilities: 

  • Shop Floor IoT
  • App Engine
  • Analytics