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Products X Design Flexibility Design Cloud Wireframe 001
SW Professional Pad 030513 PPT
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SOLIDWORKS xDesign combines ease of use with innovative design methodologies and cloud collaboration from inside your browser. Innovate, collaborate, and create great designs any time, from any device. Capture and realize your ideas or let xDesign offer solutions for your design challenges.

Product Description

SOLIDWORKS xDesign is a browser-based parametric modeler. It combines the ease of use of modern day CAD systems into a single modeling environment running inside a web browser. SOLIDWORKS xDesign allows users to create their models, collaborate with coworkers, send models for manufacturing, and make design changes seamlessly and easily.  

This functionality is made possible by the robust architecture of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Design Guidance provides built in topology optimization assisting users in selecting the optimal shape for their parts early in the design process. Once completed, Marketplace Make allows users to source prototypes globally. 3DSwym communities allow users to collaborate with design teams around the world to share design ideas reducing the time it takes to get designs to market. 3DSpaces provide cloud storage maintaining secure locations to store, protect, and share your data. Powerful search tools allow for quick location and retrieval of your engineering files, allowing users to spend time designing and not looking for files.

Software Features

  • Browser-based CAD (Platform Independent)
  • Out of the box collaboration
  • Cloud storage
  • Built in Data Management
  • Connected to online manufacturing partners
  • Design Guidance (Topology optimization integrated into the design process)