SW 3D CAD Premium SoftwareShredder Camera 5 FinalBaker Drive Train CloseupSW Professional Pad 030513 PPT
SW 3D CAD Premium Software
Shredder Camera 5 Final
Baker Drive Train Closeup
SW Professional Pad 030513 PPT
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Want all the SOLIDWORKS capabilities rolled into one tool? SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Premium is a complete 3D design tools for advanced product design engineering teams. SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Premium builds on the Standard and Professional packages with expansive design simulation capabilities, sophisticated electrical routing, piping and harnessing, support for 3D scanning and extended SOLIDWORKS toolsets.

Product Description

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Premium supports:

  • Real life motion, linear static and part and assembly stress analysis
  • Tolerance stack-up analyses
  • Conversion of 3D scanned data (reverse engineering)
  • Automated surface and curve flattening
  • Electromechanical (ECAD/MCAD) collaboration
  • Pipe, tube, cable wiring and harness routing
  • Rectangular/non-round routing

Software Features

Key features include everything in Standard and Professional version with the following additions:

  • Time-Based Motion Analysis 
  • Linear Static Analysis for Parts and Assemblies 
  • Pipe and Tube Routing 
  • Electrical Cable and Wiring Harness Routing 
  • Advanced Surface Flattening 
  • Rectangular and Other Section Routing