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Geomagic Solidworks Product
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3D Scanners

Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS

Are you looking to quickly scan real world objects into SOLIDWORKS CAD models? Meet 3D System’s Geomagic® for SOLIDWORKS®, the most complete integrated Scan-to-SOLIDWORKS software solution with the capability to quickly and easily create accurate sketches, surfaces or feature-based editable solid parts inside SOLIDWORKS. This software supports various 3D scanners, as well as the import of standard point and polygon file formats.

Product Description

Geomagic® for SOLIDWORKS® imports the scanned data, or directly scans it into SOLIDWORKS and converts it into a solid model in a matter of minutes. The most updated version of the software takes advantage of the reverse engineering process to provide the most efficient tools. The software plug-in includes new advanced features that easily combine the SOLIDWORKS engineering environment with the Geomagic scan processing software to deliver scan-based design promptly.

Software Features

Direct scanner integration with Geomagic Capture and other popular 3D scanners

Point cloud processing: fast automated processing

Polygonal surface creation: mesh construction from point cloud or merging of multiple meshes

Automatic surfacing: automatic conversion of both organic and geometric objects to CAD solid

Region grouping tools for detailed mesh segmentation: pre-processing step for intelligent feature extraction

Supported hardware includes:

• 3D Systems Capture

• Artec Handheld Scanners (*via Artec Studio)

• Creaform Handheld Scanners

• Faro Scan Arms and Cobalt Array Imager

• Hexagon Scan Arms

• Nikon Scan Arms

• Vialux 3D Scanners