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Geomagic Control X

The simple user interface, innovative new metrology, inspection tools, and other features of Geomagic Control X allow it to deliver a user-friendly, comprehensive 3D inspection in any manufacturing workflow. Accurate measurement and fast analysis is accessible to anyone aspiring to build quality in manufactured parts and assemblies.

Product Description

Quality control is crucial in the development of any product. 3D System’s Geomagic ®Control  X™ delivers  the  industry’s  most  powerful  tools  within  straightforward  workflows. The software provides quality managers with revolutionary ease-of-use,  intuitive,  comprehensive  controls  and  traceable,  repeatable  workflows  for  the  quality  measurement  process. Its reporting capability provides rich information and analysis, which enables productivity and quality gains in any manufacturing workflow.

Software Features

  • Support for all industry-standard hardware devices and extensive  file  import  support
  • Easy-to-use user interface designed for professionals
  • Workflow-driven processes, walk-up probing for greater productivity
  • Synchronous inspection delivers both ease-of-inspection and automation
  • CAD-aware dimensioning, PMI support and comprehensive GD&T callout
  • Custom reporting delivers flexibility
  • Repeatable probing processes with LiveInspect™