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PostProcess Rador
PostProcess Suspended Rotational Force

PostProcess RADOR

The PostProcess RADOR is the perfect companion to meet your surface finish requirements. It is specifically engineered to produce the desired Roughness Average (Ra) that will allow for a wide range of finishes on 3D printed materials including FDM, SLA, CLIP, MJF, PolyJet and SLS.

Product Description

The RADOR Surface Finish system uses patent-pending technology that allows for optimized energy and vertical motion that work seamlessly with the additive formulated consumables to create the desired surface finish every time. Don't worry, it also comes equipped with noise-reducing features to make your production environment more pleasant. The RADOR uses Suspended Rotational Force (SRF), which creates optimized energy with vertical motion combined with additive formulated consumables to achieve the required surface finish. 


  • Thoughtful construction: contoured back walls,
    corrugated sidewalls, urethane coated envelope,
    textured powder-coated enclosure
  • High durability, low maintenance design


  • Intelligent cycle times
  • Variable detergent dosing
  • HMI for system control and monitoring

Printing Technology
  • FDM
  • SLA
  • CLIP
  • MJF
  • SLS
Removal Technology

Suspended Rotational Force (SRF)