Post Process Demi 1Post Process Demi Size ComparisonPost Process Demi Support RemovalPost Process Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC)
Post Process Demi 1
Post Process Demi Size Comparison
Post Process Demi Support Removal
Post Process Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC)

PostProcess DEMI

The PostProcess DEMI brings automated & intelligent support removal for multiple types of 3D printed technologies including FDM, PolyJet, SLA, DLP and CLIP. PostProcess provides the world’s only comprehensive software, hardware and chemistry solutions for post-processing with additive manufacturing resulting in fewer man-hours to clean and less damage to parts. Improve the efficiency of your production with this high volume post-processing solution!

Product Description

The DEMI’s patent-pending software, user-friendly hardware and additive-formulated consumables come together seamlessly to increase the throughput of your production while delivering exacting support removal with a 'sink-float' process. This 'sink-float' process rotates parts throughout the chamber to deliver strong flow agitation which results in quick and consistent support removal. The DEMI solution utilizes Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC) technology, which uses rotating motion while immersed in fluid for disposing of support material while also providing even exposure to induced mechanical agitation.


  • Digital interface: Customizable settings – Set and save programs for future runs
  • Piezo-electric ultrasonics
  • In-line one micron absolute filters for extended detergent life
  • Stainless steel envelope
  • Hinged envelope lid
  • Process drain rack
  • Magnetically driven pump
  • Multi-configuration fixture
  • Casters for easy installation


  • Patent-pending AUTOMAT3D™ platform
  • Variable temperature: 86-145°F (30 – 63°C)
  • Programmable cycle time
Printing Technology
  • FDM
  • SLA
  • DLP
  • CLIP
Removal Technology

Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC)