J826 Front RenderStratasys J826 Poly Jet 3 D Prinet CabinetStratasys J826 Printed PartsStratasys J826 Poly Jet 3 D Printer Tray
J826 Front Render
Stratasys J826 Poly Jet 3 D Prinet Cabinet
Stratasys J826 Printed Parts
Stratasys J826 Poly Jet 3 D Printer Tray
3D Printing

Stratasys J826

The Stratasys J826 PANTONE-validated entry-level 3D printer uses Stratasys' best-in-class PolyJet technology to produce multi-material, ultra-realistic simulations. Choose from up to seven different materials and from a wide variety of colors to print color-critical parts with confidence to produce high-quality prototypes and at the same time reduce your production costs.

Product Description

The J826 is a full-color, multi-material 3D printer built to provide end-to-end solutions for the design process. With its seven-material capability, this machine can combine rigid to flexible materials to produce high-quality prototypes in one print job, without the need to manually replace materials. Additionally, it can add texture, parting lines and heatmaps and print opaque, transparent and full-color models without the need for post-processing. With advanced color, material and finish (CMF) 3D printing, designers have the opportunity to present a full design intent and show how a product will look and feel. Reduce production time with the three print modes available in the J826 including High Speed and take advantage of DraftGrey, Stratasy's most recent concept material now available for High Speed mode. 

These printers are compatible with the GrabCAD Print™ software which lets you print directly from your favorite professional CAD formats, eliminating the time usually spent converting and fixing STL files. The software allows you to match PANTONE Colors with a single click. Use smart default settings, tooltips and notifications to guide you through a seamless printing process. Work with detailed views of your model, tray and slice preview so you can make necessary adjustments before going to print.

Model Materials
  • Full color, expansive 500,000 color gamut
  • Vero™ family of opaque materials
  • VeroVivid™ family of vibrant colors
  • Transparent VeroClear™ and VeroUltraClear
  • Agilus30™ flexible material
  • Voxel-level control
  • Digital ABS Plus and Digital ABS2 Plus
  • Translucent color tints
Support Materials
  • SUP705 (water jet removable)
  • SUP706B (soluble)