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Stratasys Dental Series

Stratasys is revolutionizing the Dental industry with their dental 3D printer series. These PolyJet 3D printers are ideal to help you provide a better patient experience through digital dentistry. They integrate with leading intraoral scanners and software to ensure a seamless digital workflow.

Product Description

Stratasys dental 3D printers will allow you to shorten your production time, innovate and create new implant models, improve clinical outcomes using multiple materials and produce customized tools to improve surgical planning.

Stratasys J700 Dental
This dental 3D printer was designed for the large production of clear aligners. It has the capacity to produce 50-60 arches per tray and up to 400 clear aligners per day. The J700 offers fully scalable capabilities from a single cloud-based source, and there is no secondary curing, so the molds are not contaminated through handling. You could speed up your production process and reduce delivery to hours instead of weeks. 

Stratasys J720 Dental
The J750 allows you to produce full-color, multi-material devices using up to six materials at once. It is an all-in-one dental printer with a large capacity and high resolution. This 3D printer can produce multiple case types and multiple materials simultaneously on the same tray. Realistic and models showing the accurate colors increase patient acceptance and reduce C&B. Print more cases per shift with 1.75X greater throughput than competing SLA and DLP printers.

Objet Eden 260VS Dental Advantage
The Objet Eden260VS Dental Advantage 3D Printer provides the perfect opportunity to join the digital dentistry revolution. You will be able to create dental models and appliances in your own dental office and use bio-compatible materials which are safe for your patients. Using the PolyJet studio, anyone in your practice can create and print models and appliances. You’ll be able to reduce your production time and send patients home with their appliance the same day instead of weeks.

Objet 260 Dental and Objet 260-500 Dental Selection
Make realistic dental models with accurate color and lifelike textures. The three Objet 3D printer options allow you to choose the right printer size for your lab. The Objet 3D printers are capable of printing using a multi-color and multi-material technology to realistically represent flexible gum tissue and hard materials for teeth and bone in the right color. You’ll be able to build any dental model including: orthodontic, crown and bridge, implant models with gingiva mask, surgical guides and casting patterns for partial dentures. 

Objet 30 Dental Prime
Print precise 3D dental models in-house and avoid outsourcing costs. The Objet 30 Dental Prime has a high-quality print mode for printing fine details in applications like diagnostic wax-ups and removable partial-denture casting patterns. This printer uses three dental materials specifically engineered for digital dentistry which enable printing of accurate crown and bridge models.

Objet 30 Dental Orthodesk
From veneer models to surgical guides, the Objet 30 Orthodesk is your ticket to the world of digital dentistry. This compact size 3D printer increases capacity and speeds up production time. You can digitize your workflow from CAD file to model and automate model-making to reduce fabrication times for an increase in technician output. 

Model Materials

Download the dental product matrix and materials brochure to see full list of materials and compatible printers