Eden260V Da Front Closed CopyEden260V Da Left Closed CopyEden260V Da Right Open Copy
Eden260V Da Front Closed Copy
Eden260V Da Left Closed Copy
Eden260V Da Right Open Copy
3D Printers

Objet Eden260VS

The Objet Eden260VS is an efficient, office-friendly professional 3D printer that can create delicate or complex models in your choice of 15 materials that deliver outstanding precision and quality. The prototypes that you create will embody your product vision down to the finest detail.

Product Description

The Objet Eden260VS is the first PolyJet3D printer with a soluble support option that minimizes hands-on time and effort. Automated support removal enables you to clean internal voids and fine features that water-jetting could miss or damage on your delicate or complex models.  

Smooth surfaces, thin walls, and fine details can be rendered with your choice of 15 rigid and flexible materials at a 16-micron layer accuracy.

Model Materials
  • Transparent rigid: VeroClear and FullCure RGD720
  • Rubber-like (Tango family)
  • Rigid Opaque (Vero family)
  • Simulated Polypropylene (Rigur and DurusWhite)
  • High Temperature (RGD525)
Support Materials

SUP707 soluble support works with VeroGray, VeroBlue and VeroClear in high-quality mode, or VeroWhitePlus in high-speed or high-quality mode. Other materials and print modes work with SUP705 gel-like photopolymer support.