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J750 DAP
J750 Dap Digital Anatomy Printer Left Open Removebg Preview
J750 DAP TissueMatrix
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Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy Printer

Biomechanical realism combined with an ultra-realistic anatomical simulation that brings a different approach to practicing procedures is now possible with the J750 Digital Anatomy Printer. Replicate human anatomy responsiveness and feel in a surgical setting at 70% of the cost of biological models.

Product Description

The Stratasys J750 series is known for its ability to produce real life prototypes that can hardly be differentiated from the final product. Combining that technology to aid in medical advancements is just the beginning. To create models that look, feel and respond the same as a cadaver would, multiple materials would be required to mimic something as complex as a spine with vertebras. That is where the J750 DAP comes into play with the ability to create highly accurate, functional and realistic models. This powerful development comes with hundreds of anatomical preset models that have been tested through clinical evaluations on a wide range of pathologies to validate medical device performance.

Examples of Validated Models:

  • Individual vertebrae
  • Degenerative spine
  • Femur
  • Heathly heart/Hole in heart

Easily mimic complex pathological conditions with the ability to choose your anatomy in GrabCAD Print Digital Anatomy Software. With a Voxel-based engine and unique materials that are specific to the J750 DAP, you can create specific patient models and morphologies on demand.  

Model Materials
  • Bone Matrix: A material that can replicate the toughness of the bone to tissue connection
  • Tissue Matrix: This material is the softest in the industry and is perfect for replicating the feel of heart tissue

Support Materials
  • Gel Matrix: This Gel support material allows for unattended cleaning of blood vessels down to the 1mm diameter