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Desktop Metal Shop System Removebg Preview
Shop System Installed At Shop
Metal Connector
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Desktop Metal Shop System

Desktop Metal’s Shop System™ is the world’s first binder jetting system designed for machine shops. Shops will now be able to leverage affordable, high-quality binder jetting technology to print end-use metal parts with unparalleled speed, print quality and productivity. This end-to-end solution includes printer, powder station and furnace to integrate with existing shop operations seamlessly.

Product Description

Shop System™ is the most accessible solution for high-quality binder jetting in machine shops and metal fabrication job shops. The Shop System produces parts up to 10 times faster than laser power bed fusion and has production rates up to 70kg of metal parts per day. 

The Shop System process includes several key steps:

During each layer, the Shop System printer spreads metal powder across the build bed and follows with a binding agent which is precisely jetted onto the metal powder to bond loose powder and define part geometry. Layer by layer, metal powder and binder is deposited until the entire build volume is packed with bound parts and surrounding loose powder.

Once an entire build is complete, the build box is removed and placed in a powder station for bulk and fine depowdering—with the help of a hand-held air pick. Loose powder is removed from the parts and recovered via a built-in powder recycling system with powder sieving.

Depowdered parts are placed onto trays in a shop-safe, high-throughput furnace for batch sintering. With an external gas hookup, temperatures reaching 1400ºC and the ability to process high-strength binders, the Shop System furnace can deliver quality and reliable sintering in a shop-friendly format.

There are different configurations available in the Shop System (4L, 8L, 12L and 16L), and it is designed to scale to each shop’s throughput.


Layer height: 40-100 µm
DPI :1600 dpi
1 pL drop size
Dimensional tolerance of parts: +/- 3.0%
Binder jetting module: 70k nozzles
5x redundancy