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Desktop Metal Fiber
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3D Printing

Desktop Metal Fiber LT

Fiber™ is the only composite 3D printer to use Micro Automated Fiber Placement (μAFP) which allows for easy-to-use high-quality composite printing at a price point every engineer and designer can access. The Fiber LT offers desktop printing of high-strength, ESD-safe, nylon-based continuous fiber parts with exceptional mechanical properties.

Product Description

The Fiber printer uses with two printheads—one dedicated to a continuous fiber prepreg tape; one dedicated to chopped fiber-reinforced filament. This composite printing can create stronger, lighter-weight components that are over 75x stiffer and 60x stronger than standard ABS. Designed for versatility, the printer supports a wide range of both chopped fiber filament and continuous fiber composites to enable a broad set of applications from consumer electronics to automotive.

Fiber is only available via an all-inclusive hardware-as-a-service subscription so you can enjoy the latest technology at an affordable price, without risking technology obsolescence. Each subscription requires a minimum 3-year term and include access to:

  • Fiber printer - LT or HT model
  • Printer upgrades - ability to upgrade your printer at anytime to a higher or newer model
  • Starter material - spools of carbon fiber filament and tape
  • Filament dry box - box for drying filament prior to printing to maximize success
  • Fabricate Software - our state-of-the-art, cloud-based software for print preparation
  • Software updates - access to new releases and software updates
  • Online resources - guides for installation, operation, and troubleshooting
  • Remote support - email, phone, and chat support for troubleshooting or diagnostics
  • Hardware swap - replacement printer or components as required
  • Nylon 6 (PA6) + Carbon Fiber
  • Nylon 6 (PA6) + Fiberglass


  • Nylon 6 (PA6)


  • Carbon Fiber (CF)
  • Fiberglass (FG)