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Replicator Left V8 Engine Web
Replicator Spool Removal Web
MakerBot Replicator screen image
MakerBot Replicator Flexible Build Plate V8 Engine
3D Printing

MakerBot Replicator+

After engineering and testing for reliable, faster 3D printing, MakerBot brings professionals and educators the Replicator+. Combining MakerBot's powerful workflow tools with high-quality print features, the MakerBot Replicator+ offers more efficient and consistent performance than preceding products.

Product Description

The all-new MakerBot Replicator+ exceeds the 5th Generation Replicator with sturdier construction, a 25% larger build volume, better print adhesion and 30% faster print time. It comes standard with The Smart Extruder+ and other easy-to-use features from the previous model. Plus, to ensure optimal experience for engineers and designers, the Replicator+ is compatible with MakerBot’s new Slate Gray Tough PLA Filament Bundle. It streamlines desktop 3D printing, so you can create professional-quality, high-resolution prototypes and models from your desk.

Model Materials

MakerBot PLA Filament