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MakerBot Method X
Maker Bot Method X ABS with Support
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3D Printing

MakerBot Method X

Print complex and durable ABS and ASA parts for end-use assemblies and manufacturing tools with the with the MakerBot Method X. Using Stratasys technology the Method can carefully control every aspect of the 3D print environment, resulting in repeatable and consistent parts at a industrial-grade level of precision.

Product Description

The MakerBot Method 3D printer series offers several production-level design features such as a circulating heated chamber, ultra-rigid metal frame and dry-sealed material bays for enhanced material performance. The MakerBot Print software will integrate with several of the popular CAD programs, including SOLIDWORKS, to allow designers and engineers to design in their preferred platform. The Method X also has a built-in onboard camera that allows users to monitor their print progress remotely with the MakerBot Print software and on the MakerBot Mobile app. 

An enhanced heater chamber that regulates at 100°C and an extrusion system allow for the added ability to print production-grade plastics such as ABS and ASA. The Method X is capable of withstanding temperatures 15°C higher than other modified desktop 3D printer material formulations resulting in better Z-layer bonding which provides higher strength and surface finish without warping and curling. This additional material range makes the Method X ideal for production of end-use parts, manufacturing tools and functional prototypes. 

Model Materials
  • MakerBot Precision Tough 
  • MakerBot Precision PLA 
  • MakerBot Specialty PETG
  • MakerBot Specialty Nylon
  • MakerBot ABS
  • MakerBot ASA
Support Materials
  • MakerBot Precision PVA 
  • Stratasys SR-30