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3D Printing

MakerBot LABS Experimental Extruder

The LABS Experimental Extruder was created by MakerBot to expand the METHOD platform's material capabilities. This extruder easily swaps into the model material slot of METHOD and METHOD X for unlimited material testing options and optimization. If you already own the METHOD platform and would like to upgrade your system, the LABS extruder is available to purchase on its own. If you are looking to purchase either a METHOD or METHOD X, you can do so with the LABS extruder included.

Product Description

Get creative and explore new 3D printing applications. Experiment with a wide range of materials and properties to realize your ideas. As part of MakerBot's Partner Materials Development Program, the LABS Experimental Extruder lets you print with third-party materials on the METHOD platform. Engineers and designers can discover pre-qualified materials from leading filament companies to explore new 3D printing applications.  

Built on the same industrial architecture as the Performance Extruder for METHOD, the Experimental Extruder brings power and precision with the added benefit of interchangeable nozzle assemblies. 

Model Materials
  • BASF Ultrafuse 316L
  • JABIL SEBS 95A (Flexible)
  • JABIL Nylon 12 CF
  • KIMYA ABS Carbon Fiber
  • KIMYA PETG Carbon
  • Mitsubishi Chemical DURABIO™
  • PC-FR
  • PolyMaker PolyMax™ PC
Support Materials
  • SR-30
  • PVA