MakerBot Replicator Z18 Mojo Right imageMojo Designer In CubicleMojo Print Head LoadingMojo Men Evaluate Bottle
MakerBot Replicator Z18 Mojo Right image
Mojo Designer In Cubicle
Mojo Print Head Loading
Mojo Men Evaluate Bottle
3D Printers


Turn 3D CAD models into prototypes at your office desk with the Mojo. This affordable FDM system includes everything you need to start printing immediately.

Product Description

With the lowest price and fastest build of any FDM 3D printer, Mojo’s ability will inspire you to rethink the process of designing and building parts. The ready-to-run Mojo 3D Print Pack arrives equipped with everything designers, engineers or educators need to start 3D printing:

Mojo uses QuickPack Print Engines, which contain and deliver the model and support materials to build your 3D printed parts. With every material change, the Mojo Print Engine provides a different print head to ensure optimum part quality. The snap-in Print Engine is easy to load, much like the ink cartridge on a home document printer. Each foil bag contains 80 cubic inches of material, which means fewer material changes and more continuous printing.

Model Materials

ABSplus in nine colors

Support Materials

SR-30 Soluble