Tabbed Billboards Fortus380 450For ReflectionUltem 1010 On Fortus 450Mc Part Machine Human 2Fortus 380 450Mc
Tabbed Billboards Fortus380 450
For Reflection
Ultem 1010 On Fortus 450Mc Part Machine Human 2
Fortus 380 450Mc
3D Printers

Stratasys Fortus 380mc and 450mc

Take designs from virtual to real in hours, not weeks. From functional prototypes with exacting tolerance to manufacturing tools that perform under pressure, the Stratasys Fortus 380mc and 450mc 3D production systems set a high standard for speed, performance and accuracy.

Product Description

The Stratasys Fortus 380mc and 450mc 3D production systems let you build accurate, repeatable parts faster than ever before. Produce jigs, fixtures, factory tooling and end-use parts, as well as functional prototypes to withstand stringent testing. With four layer thicknesses to choose from, you can strike the right balance between strength, detail and FDM's fastest build time. For maximum time savings, Fortus 380mc and 450mc build complex parts faster than their predecessors. Both feature an all-new touchscreen interface for straightforward operation and maintenance.

There is also a Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber Edition available, opening the world of advanced prototyping and production with carbon fiber-reinforced nylon material. This printer helps close the gap between capability-limited desktop printers and more expensive production-level printers.

Model Materials

Fortus 380mc & Fortus 450mc

  • ABS-M30
  • ABS-M30i
  • ABS-ESD7
  • ASA in full range of colors
  • PC-ISO in white and translucent
  • PC
  • FDM Nylon 12

Fortus 450mc only:

  • ULTEM 9085 resin
  • ULTEM 1010 resin
Support Materials

Soluble for most materials; break-away for PC-ISO and ULTEM; soluble or break-away for P