FDM Tech Fortus250Mc 3D PrinterFortus250Mc 2Fortus250Mc CartpartBender Bar Nylon12 Hand 1
FDM Tech Fortus250Mc 3D Printer
Fortus250Mc 2
Fortus250Mc Cartpart
Bender Bar Nylon12 Hand 1
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Fortus 250mc

The Fortus 250mc is the most affordable 3D production system in the Fortus line and delivers reliable, flexible part production for prototyping and direct digital manufacturing (DDM).

Product Description

The Fortus 250mc works with the same advanced Insight software as Production Series Fortus printers, including the 380mc and 450mc. With Insight you can specify tool paths, adjust material density, fine-tune part orientation and choose from three available layer resolutions. 

The Fortus 250mc prints accurate, durable and repeatable parts with ABSplus thermoplastic, offered in nine colors.  This allows your prototypes to resemble finished parts in look and durability. The Fortus 250mc uses soluble support structures for easy finishing — even for parts with complex geometries.

Model Materials

ABSplus in nine colors

Support Materials