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Nano Ldm
Nano Dimension DragonFly 2020 Key Features
3D Printing

DragonFly LDM

The DragonFly LDM (Lights-Out Digital Manufacturing) system allows manufacturers to 3D-print functioning electronic circuity with little to no interaction or monitoring. This additive manufacturing automation provides a significant decrease in time and cost for realizing proprietary or prototype circuits by printing them in-house.

Product Description

The Nano Dimension DragonFly series uses an inkjet deposition system that allows for simultaneous 3D printing of conductive silver nanoparticle ink (metal) and insulating ink (dielectric polymer) in a single print job. This technology enables product developers to design complex functional components and to print polymers and metals together to create functional parts such as printed circuit boards (PCBs), flexible electronics, antennas/ RFIDs, sensors, electromagnets, molded interconnect devices (MIDs) and other experimental circuits right off the printer tray. 

The DragonFly LDM offers uninterrupted printing capabilities for longer periods of time with more up time and improved yield. This model includes both automatic print head self-cleaning and automatic material monitoring for additional automation of the printing process and requiring less manual supervision.

Nano Dimension's free add-in for SOLIDWORKS software creates a design environment optimized for 3D printing multi-material electronics. Complex prototypes consisting of both polymers and metals can be designed in SOLIDWORKS and 3D printed on the DragonFly in a single build process.

Model Materials

Nano Dimension's Conductive and Dielectrc Inks:

  • AgCite Conductive Ink: An advanced silver nanoparticle ink designed specifically for DragonFly 3D Printers. 
    The size and distribution of the silver particles are optimized for the printing of highly conductive traces.
  • Dielectric Ink: This polymer material mimics the dielectric properties of industry FR4. The ink insulates the 
    conductive inks, enabling the printing of the entire circuit structure. The material is stable across large frequency ranges. Designed for compatibility with Nano Dimension’s AgCite™ conductive ink.
Support Materials