Stratasys 3D printing supports a wide range of applications from rapid prototyping and production parts to manufacturing tools. Click here to see how PolyJet and FDM technology are empowering your industry to develop game-changing solutions. 

Finishing Processes

For product design and development, prototyping on a 3D printer has become standard practice. Get the most out of your parts through finishing.

Stratasys PolyJet 3D printed models have a smooth surface and fine feature details straight off the printer, and accept off-the-shelf acrylic paints and lacquers.

(FDM) parts in engineering-grade thermoplastics allow you to sand, drill, glue and paint just as you would any plastic part. Bond 3D printed parts together to grow beyond the build envelope.

Finishing techniques include:

  • Bead blasting 
  • Bonding and gluing 
  • Electroplating 
  • Mass finishing 
  • Painting 
  • PPSF finishing 
  • Sealing FDM parts 
  • Smoothing FDM parts   
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