TriMech PowerTools enhance your SOLIDWORKS experience with applications designed to keep your system clean, productive and up-to-date. PowerTools integrates seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS, giving you easy access to all the tools you need.

When you need technical support, we know you need it fast. PowerTools is the best way to get in touch with our experienced technical support staff. Plus, you can easily upload large files via FTP, check out tech tips, guides and more – all from within SOLIDWORKS.

If you’re a current SOLIDWORKS Subscription customer, you can get access to TriMech PowerTools for free.

TriMech PowerTools Functionality

SOLIDWORKS Productivity Tools

We’ve custom built applications exclusively for our customers. These utilities include a property export/import, reference, configuration ripping and an image quality analyst.

Technical Support Utilities

Submit support requests directly to our Technical support staff and send files directly to us using a secure FTP server.

System Check and Utilities

Keep your system running smoothly with tools for disk, memory, graphic card and prerequisite product checks. Run applications for routine system maintenance and configuration plus other helpful tools included with your Subscription service. 

Additional Functionality

  • Batch Macro tool
  • Import tool
  • Disk defragmentation
  • Clean application uninstall tools
  • Cleanup tools
  • System reporting tools 
  • Secure file encryption tool
  • Dissection (splitting) tool 

What's New

  • GUI redesign for streamlined workflow
  • SOLIDWORKS 2016 support
  • Added toolbox processing to Data Doctor
  • Implemented a new CSV loading method for all loading functions
  • Added property type export option for property feature

In order to obtain the advanced functionality, you must:

Be a current SOLIDWORKS Subscription Customer

The advanced tools are free to subscription customers until the end of subscription service date. You may obtain these free advanced tools within TriMech PowerTools license by entering in your SOLIDWORKS serial number in the respective PowerTools area. Once you enter your serial number, you will receive a confirmation e-mail which will include a license confirmation. 

Bug Fixes In This Release (updated 12/1/15)

  • Fixed issue with configurations deleting all properties regardless of selections
  • Fixed issue with configurations not deleting the configuration properties
  • Fixed issue with configurations updating to last configuration run in the set and not the specified configuration in configuration ripper
  • Fixed issue with exception on future document versions