Top 5 Ways to Speed Up the Design Process Using 3D Printing

We continue to see additive manufacturing gain popularity as more of the world's leading companies adopt the technology. This has piqued the curiosity of other businesses, and people find themselves asking why are they investing in it. The answer is more simple than you think.

About This On-Demand Webinar

In our webinar, TriMech Application Engineer, Dennis Barnum, shares his top five ways that additive manufacturing can speed up the design process and bring products to market faster. He highlights how both FDM and PolyJet solutions can help reduce outsourcing headaches and how to leverage the capabilities of 3D printers to work around the clock, even when the office is closed.

In this webinar, Dennis covers methods to accelerate the design cycle, including:

  • Proof of Concept
  • Function Testing
  • Lights Out Production
  • CMF Modeling
  • Part Batching

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