Tools For Great Renderings That Every Visualize User Should Know

SOLIDWORKS Visualize can help take your designs from good to great, making them look more realistic and lifelike. However, there are tools you may not know about that can take that great and turn it into a WOW! 

About This On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, Application Engineer, Michael Souders, introduces a multitude of professional resources that can help take your Visualize projects to the next level! He teaches you about high-quality PBR appearances, high-resolution HDRI environments and where to access appearances and textures created by professional photographers. After this webinar, your renderings will be taken up a notch, or ten, thanks to all these resources.

In this webinar, Michael demonstrates:

  • The importance of appearances, environments and 3D models in Visualize 
  • Available resources for customizing and improving Visualize renderings 
  • Where to find external resources for Visualize projects
  • Licensing considerations when using external resources
  • Combining resources for photorealism 

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