PDM Pro & Simulation: Track, Test and Release Designs With Ease

Taking advantage of Simulation package in SOLIDWORKS can save you time, frustration and money, and if you pair it with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional you can keep results in your vault. Find out how in our webinar. 

About This On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, Application Engineer, Tom Young, discusses how to manage SOLIDWORKS Simulation results in SOLIDWORKS PDM. He goes over the benefits of managing the outcome in the vault and linking or attaching results to the reports that are generated for an easy, quick reference in the future. Plus, Tom even shows how the simulation details can be included in the approval process of a design. 

In this webinar, Tom teaches you how to:

  • Manage simulation results in SOLIDWORKS PDM and the benefits 
  • Link the results of the reports for future reference
  • Include simulation results in the approval part
  • See and share data across engineering disciplines 

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