How to Use the PDM File Version Upgrade Tool

Keeping files updated to the latest version of SOLIDWORKS is important to ensure that there are no delays in the software. Discover how the SOLIDWORKS PDM File Version Upgrade tool can help you accomplish this.

About This On-Demand Webinar

When upgrading SOLIDWORKS and PDM applications to a new version, your existing files remain at the version they were created in. If they remain this way it will create delays when opening and reading these files since they will be undergoing conversions, This can be seen as slow system performance, but luckily this doesn't have to remain an issue.

In this webinar, TriMech Application Engineer, Keith Thompson, takes a look at the SOLIDWORKS PDM File Version Upgrade tool to help eliminate that delay. This tool is an easy way to upgrade your files from an earlier version to the latest file format version. He covers all the basics including what the tool is, why you should use it, where you can find it and how it works.

In this webinar, Keith will show you:

  • The methods and tools available for upgrading the version of SOLIDWORKS files
  • How the SOLIDWORKS PDM File Version Upgrade Tool works
  • Where you can find the tool
  • How to perform a trial file upgrade

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