How To: Streamline PolyJet Support Removal With Data-Driven Solutions

If you’re still doing the bulk of PolyJet support removal by hand or with dated equipment, you’re likely dealing with unnecessarily long wait times, and warped or inconsistently finished parts. Watch this webinar to learn about simplifying PolyJet 3D printing with the industry’s fastest software-driven automated support removal.

About This On-Demand Webinar

There are thousands of articles, videos and guides covering design tricks, print technologies and how to select the right material. We often see the advice stop there, but the process to see your designs become a reality still needs the finishing step!

In this joint webinar with our solution partner, PostProcess, we explore not only how to remove support materials from PolyJet prints, but also how to shorten production times while improving end-product quality. We dive into the innovative technologies that now available for this step in additive manufacturing and the automated, intelligent solutions PostProcess now offers. 

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