How the Department of Defense Is Deploying Additive Manufacturing In the Field & Stateside

Stratasys technology is prepared for anything your company may need. There seems to be the right machine and material for everything from printing rubber footwear, a replacement screw for your machine, a new headlight for your car and much more. But how does it stack up against the needs of the Department of Defense?

About This On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, TriMech Client Strategic Account Executive, Mike LaHatte, Lead 3D Printing Application Engineer, Ricky Shannon, and Stratasys Sales Lead, Mark Menninger, examine how the Department of Defense (DOD) is taking advantage of additive manufacturing for in both the field, as well as stateside. They review examples and explore how Stratasys allows the DOD to make end-use parts, assist in maintenance repair, test functional prototypes and print tooling. Plus, you discover how they are also customizing products such as UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles to fit their specific needs. You get an inside look at how these disruptive technologies are changing the landscape of the DOD by becoming a force multiplier for the warfighter and their support teams. 

In this webinar, they cover how:

  • The Department of Defense is limiting spending by producing parts on-demand
  • High-performance polymers are meeting the needs of the warfighter
  • Additive manufacturing allows for rapid mission-specific part production
  • The military is using additive manufacturing to maintain and repair equipment in the field

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