Get To Know SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

Check out this webinar to learn more about SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic from application engineer Tim Pulaski covering the software's basic features and key advantages. 

About This On-Demand Webinar

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic is a highly beneficial 2D project drafting tool that allows you to create and manage schematic designs. It is one of the few types of software with the ability to automatically capture properties as you design. Then later gives you the ability to access and collate that data to produce the associated documents that are usually time consuming in the design project process. This benefit is one of the many reasons schematic is so useful and is included in the list below of the most advantageous aspects of the software.

Advantages of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

  1. Simplifies development of necessary associated documents
    1. Bill of Materials
    2. PLC Lists
    3. List of Cables Tags
    4. Drawings List
  2. Designed as an electrical software from the ground up
    1.  Makes designing simple since all the tools in the software are related to electrical design first.
  3. Use of an integrated library database
    1. A shared library is a collaborative tool as well as a drafting tool that allows multiple users to work on the same project at the same time thus having access to the same library.
    2. Automatic updates count and property information throughout projects
    3. Available for you and others to reuse between pages or projects

The above reasons and more showcase why SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic streamlines and bolsters your design projects and process. 

Learn more by watching the webinar above for a full explanation on SOLIDWORKS Electronic Schematic and examples putting the benefits above to use. Or read our blog for a written breakdown, Get to Know SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic.