Building Your Electrical Parts Library Part 2: Importing by Spreadsheet

SOLIDWORKS Electrical includes default libraries that are vast and contain enough room to allow you to add data you need to fit design standards. Getting all that information uploaded can be easier than you think. Discover how in our webinar!

About This On-Demand Webinar

In part two of our three-part webinar series, TriMech Electrical Implementation Engineer, Cameron Cintula, walks you through the easiest way to upload data to your electrical library: Excel spreadsheets. Any information on a spreadsheet can directly be uploaded into the software, along with 2D symbols. If you're adding new data or existing data, it can all be housed in one place.

In this webinar, Cameron teaches you how:

  • The content portal has millions of parts to be added
  • Data can be entered manually
  • Data can be imported 
  • Data can be downloaded
  • Legacy data from other software can be added to SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Interested in learning more? Check out part one, providing you with an overview.