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What is MySolidWorks?

MySolidWorks is a web portal that helps you be more more productive by connecting you with relevant SOLIDWORKS® content and services—anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

With MySolidWorks, you can get answers about SOLIDWORKS, learn more, and connect with manufacturers.

MySolidWorks makes you more productive by connecting you with relevant SOLIDWORKS content and services all in one location—anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Learn about the added features and value with MySolidWorks Standard and Professional — available for Subscription Services users only.

MySolidWorks Packages

There are four levels of MySolidWorks access: BasicStandard, Professional and Student.

  • MySolidWorks Basic: The most basic level is available without an active SOLIDWORKS subscription. This allows users to browse and search the forums, blogs, videos, online help and 3D Content Central.
  • MySolidWorks Standard: To access the standard level, you must have an active SOLIDWORKS subscription. In addition to resources available at the basic level, the standard level includes 30 hours of online training, access to advanced forums and knowledge base and file sharing drives. Plus, you’ll get access to the MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network where you can search for and get quotes from best-in-class manufacturers offering 3D printing, sheet metal, CNC machining and injection molding services.
  • MySolidWorks Professional: The Professional level grants premium access to everything in the lower levels plus 100+ hours of online training and access to CSWA, CSWP and CSWE online prep courses. The online training is an excellent resource to brush up on SOLIDWORKS skills and learn about the many tools available in SOLIDWORKS.
  • MySolidWorks for Students: Helps students boost their SOLIDWORKS skills by connecting them with relevant SOLIDWORKS content and services – anytime, anywhere, on any device.  Students with the best SOLIDWORKS skills often get the best jobs.

What is MySolidWorks?

MySolidWorks Features

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Video Lessons

MySolidWorks provides access to hundreds of SOLIDWORKS training videos, enabling you to expand your knowledge on your own schedule and at your own pace. Video lessons complement SOLIDWORKS instructor-led training classes. The online lessons include SOLIDWORKS Certification Prep, MBD, Composer, Simulation, Part Modeling, Sheet Metal Design, Assembly Modeling, Mold design, and much more.

MySolidWorks My Reseller


My Reseller

Provides Subscription Service customers with information and technical content created by TriMech and Javelin SOLIDWORKS Experts specifically for our Subscription Service customers; including tech tips, product demonstrations and upcoming events and webinars.

MySolidWorks Models


3D CAD Models

Connect with the world’s best designers and exchange high-quality free 3D Models for Aerospace, Consumer Products, Electrical Components, Environments, Household, Hardware ,Hobby & Fun, Jewelry, Manufacturing, Military, and People & Nature.

MySolidWorks Packages

Choose from Guest, Standard and Professional

Features Professional Standard Guest
SOLIDWORKS Online Product Trial – try SOLIDWORKS anytime, anywhere, on any device…no install required
Search – Get answers to questions from across all SOLIDWORKS community resources.
Access Learning – SOLIDWORKS training videos.


Access to the SolidWorks Customer Portal, explore and search Advanced Forums, and the Knowledge Base.  
Connect with the world’s best designers and exchange high-quality free 3D Models
Access to My Reseller provides you with TriMech content feeds for SOLIDWORKS blogs, videos, news, and a schedule of upcoming events.  
Access and search Software Performance Reports (SPRs), online help, and more  
Get certified with SOLIDWORKS with access to CSWA Certification Prep Courses
Get certified with extensive access to ALL certification prep courses including CSWP, CSWE, & CSWPA    
Value For users with active SOLIDWORKS Subscription. $360 per year, per user Included with SOLIDWORKS Subscription & SOLIDWORKS Term License Free when you join or log in to MySolidWorks