There are a multitude of ways to get practice with SOLIDWORKS. In addition to webinars, intro trainings and seminars offered by TriMech, you can find tons of resources online at MySolidWorks including access to software demos.

With MySolidWorks, you don’t have to go to multiple websites to find information about SOLIDWORKS. If it’s out there on the web, in the forums or even hidden within the knowledge base, MySolidWorks can find it. That’s something not even Google can do! You’ll also have access SOLIDWORKS experts from the entire community.

There are three levels of MySolidWorks access: Basic, Standard and Professional.

MySolidWorks Basic

The most basic level is available without an active SOLIDWORKS subscription. This allows users to browse and search the forums, blogs, videos, online help and 3D Content Central.

MySolidWorks Standard

To access the standard level, you must have an active SOLIDWORKS subscription. In addition to resources available at the basic level, the standard level includes 30 hours of online training, access to advanced forums and knowledge base and file sharing drives. Plus, you’ll get access to the MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network where you can search for and get quotes from best-in-class manufacturers offering 3D printing, sheet metal, CNC machining and injection molding services.

MySolidWorks Professional

The Professional level grants premium access to everything in the lower levels plus 100+ hours of online training and access to CSWA, CSWP and CSWE online prep courses. The online training is an excellent resource to brush up on SOLIDWORKS skills and learn about the many tools available in SOLIDWORKS.

Bonus Feature: The Buzz

MySolidWorks includes a section for all the latest news, discussions and SOLIDWORKS content called The Buzz.

The content ranges from videos on improving manufacturing inspection processes to how-to articles for the SOLIDWORKS Part Reviewer. This resource allows the community of SOLIDWORKS users to communicate and collaborate online through blogs, forums and videos.