Marcel Matte


Marcel Matte

Marcel spent many years in the semi-conductor market as a systems designer working on a multitude CAD and manufacturing platforms where he experienced the benefits of working with cutting edge tools. He joined the SOLIDWORKS community in 1998 focused on providing solutions to start up and established businesses. Once there, his passion for helping companies recognize the benefits of implementing new technology became central to his future. 

Today Marcel spends his time looking for, and learning about, the latest engineering and manufacturing technologies with an emphasis on the digital twin, additive manufacturing and shop floor controls. As the CEO of TriMech he’s passionate about ensuring the TriMech team is always learning and sharing their knowledge with our clients leading them to greater efficiencies, improved processes, and technology adoption while focusing on reducing risk.

He is excited for the future of the company and is committed to making TriMech the go-to resource for technology advice, solutions and staffing.

"Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." ~Albert Einstein