A Practical Approach to IoT Implementation using DELMIAWorks

Manufacturers face a multitude of variables when it comes to data management and the path to IoT implementation can be confusing.

There are many discussions about how IoT (Internet of Things) can benefit your business and they cover all the main features, but how are you supposed to implement it? What technologies would work best with your production process? Often times, these discussions are so vague they leave you to do your own research and offer little when it comes to an actual plan of action. It is important to know what is available and how IoT will improve your efficiency with smart shop floor devices and generating high-level analytics.

Included in the IoT Implementation White Paper

This white paper will walk you through the steps that three manufactures used to determine what they needed to implement IoT successfully with DELMIAWorks. Here are some of the steps they used:

  • Determine a specific problem and a have fix in mind
  • Look past the hype
  • Pilot one process or cell at first
  • Keep the initial scope simple
  • Create an investment and roll-out plan

Once you finish reading this white paper, you will have a strong outline of the steps needed to implement DELMIAWorks with confidence.

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