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Trimech Infographics and Guides

Our guides explore in-depth technical topics and highlight key features of 3d printing and CAD technologies.

Verification of SOLIDWORKS Simulation with Simply Supported Beam Case Study

If you've ever questioned the accuracy of your SOLIDWORKS Simulation results, it's time to read this white paper from TriMech Application Engineer Sam Skinner. 

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Why Partner with TriMech Staffing?

Download our infographic to see how TriMech can help with your engineering staffing needs. 

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SOLIDWORKS Flow Heat Transfer

In this whitepaper, SOLIDWORKS discusses how a new analysis software in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is proving to be extremely effective with heat transfer analysis.

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Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2017

TriMech Application Engineers selected their top 11 features in SOLIDWORKS 2017. Explore them in our infographic!

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Additive Manufacturing Trends in Aerospace

In this whitepaper, Stratasys discusses the different trends in the aerospace industry with additive manufacturing. 

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SOLIDWORKS Sweeps & Threads

Learn more about one of the most misunderstood features in SOLIDWORKS and make it your new best friend. We will explore the fundamentals of basic sweeps as well as advanced sweeping. We will also discuss enhancements added to the sweep tool with the SOLIDWORKS 2016 upgrade.

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Beginner's Guide to TriMech RP Services

Download our infographic to learn about our Rapid Prototyping Services and find out how TriMech can help lend a hand to your company. 

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Entry-Level 3D Printer Buyer's Guide

Download our infographic to compare different entry level 3D printers and decide which one will best fit your design needs .

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