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Trimech Infographics and Guides

Our guides explore in-depth technical topics and highlight key features of 3d printing and CAD technologies.

Industrial 3D Printer Buyer's Guide

Download our buyer's guide to review the top four industrial 3D printers available in today's market.

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How to Recover from Loss of Extrusion

Is your system's head experiencing loss of extrusion? It doesn't happen often, but when it does it can really slow down production. Here are step-by-step instructions, so you can fix it fast and start printing again in no time.

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5 Predictions About the Future of CAD

How is computer aided design and 3D printing going to impact your industry in the upcoming years? Here are our five predictions about the future of 3D CAD.

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How to Get SOLIDWORKS Certified

Take one step closer to becoming a certified professional, and learn how to get SOLIDWORKS certified today. We outline which prerequisites, courses and tests you need in this infographic.

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SOLIDWORKS Blank Installation Manager Guide

Are you trying to install SOLIDWORKS but keep running into a blank installation manager? Download this guide for a step-by-step solution to install the files you need.

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3D Printing Material Guide

Download TriMech’s 3D printing material guide to learn about Stratasys material strength, toughness, heat deflection temperature, technologies and materials best suited for specific industries and applications.

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Implement Version Control with SOLIDWORKS PCB

With SOLIDWORKS PCB, you can eliminate missed or repeated processes while reducing errors in design, purchasing and manufacturing. Learn how in this guide.

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This guide will help you say goodbye to delays caused by unexpected engineering change orders (ECOs) and introduce you to a new ECO process solution within SOLIDWORKS PCB.

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