How to use DELMIAWorks Dashboards

DELMIAWorks (formally IQMS) helps manufacturing companies manage their business from first client interaction to the shipping dock, in this demonstration learn how easy it is to use with DELMIAWorks dashboards.

What are DELMIAWorks Dashboards?

Dashboards are useful at getting the details needed even when there is a considerable amount of data. Dashboards are shown in real-time, eliminating the need for reports. You can quickly glance at vendor performance, sales performance and Bill of Manufacture. You’ll notice that it’s not a Bill of Material. The difference is, not only does it have the materials in the quantities associated with it but it also has the processes involved. A lot of those processes are items like welding, injection molding, milling, grinding, blending, etc.

The system comes with 27 different types of processes that are included and the ability to create custom processes. It’s built in a way that grows as your business grows. As things change and bring on new products, you’re going to have to change your processes. DELMIAWorks gives you the ability to grow and manage these items directly. With the scheduling dashboard, you can see exactly what the current status is for each machine.

If I want to change the schedule in an operation, you can simply drag and drop it in the schedule. You don’t have to go through a series of complex commands. In the image, we see a machine that’s down for maintenance time and we can tell how long it’s going to be down.

There is also an MRO function, which stands for maintenance, repair and overhaul. MRO enables the maintenance department to directly add details to the system to keep the plant running. That data automatically shows up in the schedule of Operations, so they know how to plan for production. It’s all tied together. It’s shared so that everybody knows what is happening. It’s a fully connected system that enables you to know what’s going on, how things are being planned, and how things are being executed. A perfect scenario of a well-oiled machine.

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This suite of integrated software provides real-time visibility and business intelligence throughout the entire manufacturing business making your company more agile while also driving better quality and higher profitability. Find out more about DELMIAWorks.

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