Stratasys F900


Government and Military 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing (AM), or 3D printing, is a technology that offers multiple solutions to mitigate supply chain issues and improve operational readiness while lowering cost.


TriMech Government Solutions

FDM and P3 technologies offer diverse capabilities to address broken supply chains, time-sensitive spares support and distributed manufacturing while providing the data security necessary in today’s digital environment.

Design Freedom

AM’s inherent design freedom allows the creation of parts that are either too difficult or impossible to make.

Supply Chain Improvement

AM has the power to put production at or near the point of use, short-circuiting the standard supply chain.

Lower Cost

3D printing results in lower production costs because no support tooling beyond the printer is needed and the only material used

Material Capabilities

FDM and P3 AM technologies encompass a wide range of polymer materials, allowing greater freedom.

Ease of Use

FDM and P3 printers do not demand the high learning curve and skillsets.


ProtectAM with Red Hat Enterprise Linux enables compliance with STIG issued by the DOD.

3D Printing Solutions for Government and Military Applications

FDM printers produce durable prototypes and end-use parts in standard and high-performance thermoplastics. P3 Origin® One systems offer fast production and smooth surfaces that rival injection-molded finishes.

Military 3D printing examples
Military 3D printing examples

3D Printing Solutions

Stratasys F900

The F900™ provides the largest build capacity and the highest accuracy of Stratasys FDM printers. With 18 cubic feet of build capacity, the F900 is capable of printing multiple small parts or large parts

Fortus 450MC 3D Printer

Stratasys Fortus 450mc

The Fortus 450mc™ offers industrial-grade FDM printing in a compact form factor but with sufficient build capacity to make larger parts and tools. ProtectAM data security that includes the capability for compliance with STIG requirements is enabled by Red Hat Enterprise Linux software.

Stratasys Origin One

Origin One printers blend high print speed and a generous build envelope with a small footprint for rapid production of single parts or production batches.


Examples of supported government projects that the TriMech manufacturing team has been involved with:

  • Electro-mechanical enclosures for shipboard rack electronic systems
  • Systems engineering and integration of mobile laboratory systems
  • Electro/mechanical enclosures for handheld electronic devices
  • Design of ruggedized plastic field cases for military electronic components
  • Sheet metal components for vehicle modifications as required by field personnel
  • System engineering of MRAP armored vehicle systems for Modern Warfighter
  • Thermal simulations for rack-mounted systems for use on naval ships
  • Design and Finite Element Analysis of mounting brackets for vehicle gun systems
  • Redesign and analysis of door mount and hinge system for nuclear facility
  • Advanced surfacing/modeling for chemical/biological systems used in Theater
  • FEA analysis of hydraulic lift gate for naval ships
  • Staffing and technical resource acquisition support
  • CEOss
  • WEBS
  • CBRNE Mission Support
  • GSA Bridge C4ISR
  • SeaPort-E

East/West Industries, Inc. uses the Fortus 450mc to succeed in manufacturing

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