Get SOLIDWORKS Certified

In today’s engineering job market, a good work ethic and well-written resume are no longer enough. You need a serious competitive advantage. Set yourself apart from your colleagues and demonstrate your depth of knowledge by becoming SOLIDWORKS Certified.

SOLIDWORKS certifications are benchmarks to measure your competency with SOLIDWORKS to give you an edge in the engineering field. There are various levels of certification that demonstrate your level of expertise: 

It is important to take the exams in the correct order to ensure you are eligible to take the top level SOLIDWORKS certification exam, the Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert. We understand that this path can be confusing when filtering through the multiple tests on the full Certification Catalog. That is why we created a Guide to Becoming a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert to showcase the steps you will need to take for each type of exam, as well as the training needed to pass each exam.

Preparing to get SOLIDWORKS Certified

One of the most common questions we receive is “What’s the best way to study for my Certified SOLIDWORKS exams?”

Here are the top resources to help you pass your exam:

If the thought of studying sends shivers down your spine, MySolidWorks can help. MySolidWorks preparation materials cover many topics found in the exams. In fact, since introducing the CSWA program on MySolidWorks, users who complete the preparation course have a 20% greater chance of passing the exam on the first try.

What are you waiting for? Start preparing for your exams now. SOLIDWORKS clients with an active Subscription Service contract can access MySolidWorks Standard for free.

SOLIDWORKS Certified Professional
SOLIDWORKS Certified Professional