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TriMech Additive Services

3D Printing & Manufacturing

Injection-molded quality parts on-demand for custom production of one to tens of thousands.

Multi-Jet Fusion 3D Printing

Rugged, high-quality production strength parts that are ideal for low-volume production.

StereoLithography (SLA)

For producing extremely complex prototypes with excellent accuracy and surface finish.

Polyjet 3D Printing

Offering very high-precision models and prototypes with outstanding surface features and fine detail.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Offering fully functional prototypes with strong mechanical properties and good thermal resistance.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Exceptionally strong functional parts ideal for fixtures and low-volume production.

Metal 3D Printing

For producing highly complex, fully functional parts that would be impossible to create with machining or casting.

Urethane Casting

Create plastic parts with material properties similar to engineered production plastics for low-volume production.

Custom Silicone Parts

A unique rapid silicone process to create molded production-quality parts that are superior to 3D-printed “rubber-like” parts.

Custom Finishing

Transform your product idea into a beautifully finished “show” model with the look and feel of a production piece.

CNC Machining

Four-axis CNC machining of metal and plastic prototypes and tooling programmed directly from your CAD file.

CAD Support

The TriMech team can augment your team with professional design services if you do not have 3D CAD capabilities in-house.

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