Connecting PDM Professional to other systems with TriMech Power Suite Professional

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss in greater detail the Enterprise Metadata Utility (EMU) found in TriMech Power Suite Professional.

Included in the on-demand webinar

TriMech Systems Architect, Applications, Patricia Bar reviews the three main areas of the EMU, Sync, BOM, and Metadata. With each area having its own function to either send information from PDM or have PDM receive that data. This webinar will discuss how those transactions can be automatic or through end-user interactions and we will cover the formats that the tool can automatically generate.

We will explore how the EMU facilitates communication between SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and other systems, reducing the possibility of human error.  We also discuss TriMech’s philosophy regarding how to share information.

Watch the TriMech Power Suite on-demand webinar will allow you to:

  • Learn TriMech’s philosophy for handling sharing information with other systems
  • Discover the three main areas of the EMU feature of Power Suite Professional
  • Determine the best options for exporting information
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