Case Studies

Trimech Case Studies

Read the latest industry case studies on 3D printer applications and software usage. Learn how companies around the world are using Stratasys 3D printers and SOLIDWORKS software for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing applications.

A Game-Changing Material for Utah Trikes

With customization being at their core, Utah Trikes needed to find a more efficient to create prototypes. Find out how FDM technology and the right 3D printing material switched their game upside down. 

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Application Solutions Goes from 2-Dimensional to 3-Dimensional Environment

After realizing their software was holding them back and costing them time and money, Application Solutions went on a hunt for a new system and solution partner. Discover how they improved their business with SOLIDWORKS Electrical in our case study. 

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InVue Increases Efficiency with SOLIDWORKS Products

Learn how InVue facilitates turning all of their product innovations into reality with the use of SOLIDWORKS solutions and training. 

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Tulip's Apps Accelerate Time to Market for Major Apparel Manufacturer

Getting a new product up and running can bring with it stress, trial and error and defects. Thanks to Tulip, one major apparel company was able to fix problems and bring their clothing to market 50% faster. 

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Embedded Components with the DragonFly 2020 Pro

To keep up with demands, designers added functional electronics to components. The traditional practice wasn't working so Nano Dimension devised a creative solution. 

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Lumenium Reduces Product Development Time With Desktop Metal

Find out how Desktop Metal revamped Lumenium's rapid prototyping process while adhering to the specific qualities needed for their parts. 

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Genesis Systems Group

In order to build and implement their robotic automation systems, Genesis turned to Stratasys for help. To learn more about how FDM 3D printing technology streamlined Genesis Systems, read the full case study. 

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TivaWater: Solving Global Problems With Simple Design

We’ll show you how the TivaWater filter is helping thousands of vulnerable families across the world discuss design modifications and the 3D printing process.

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