Working with Microsoft Office Files in 3DEXPERIENCE

By Brent Rodgers on

This video demonstrates how easy it is to work with Microsoft Office files in 3DDrive on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Let’s get started by launching the 3DDrive application. Here, we can see the content stored in our 3DDrive which currently shows a couple of folders as well as some Microsoft Office files.

folders and office files in 3DDrive
Folders and office files saved in 3DDrive

Uploading folders and files is a simple drag and drop or upload the file using the New button located in the top right-hand corner. The 2023 FD03 version, which is the latest update to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, can now create office documents directly within the 3DDrive app.

To create a new office document, simply click on the New button and navigate the dropdown to create a Word document, a PowerPoint presentation, or an Excel spreadsheet. Once selected, we can edit the information with a name and description.

creating an office document in 3DDrive
Creating an office document in 3DDrive

Once the document is created, we can edit the document with similar functionality that we’re all familiar with Microsoft Office products. In this Word document example that I just created, I can add some text in the header, increase the font size, apply bold to the title, and even italicize. When we’re finished editing our document, we will save it.

In addition to saving, we can add comments, share with others, download the file, view information, add to favorites, copy to, and change properties.

When closing the document, we return to the 3DDrive home screen. Here we have control over our documents through various actions. When a file is selected, we can preview, share, edit, favorite, move, copy, rename, download, update, or delete any of our files.

Let’s go ahead and preview the file. When the preview opens, we again have control of the documents such as editing directly from the preview. This leads to an easy and efficient workflow.

Preview file in 3DDrive
Preview file

Another addition with the FD03 update is that it’s now possible to move multiple items at the same time. As an example, let’s create a new folder called Office Files. We will then select all the files and use the “move to” command to move all the files to the new folder simultaneously. And just like that, all the files are moved to the new folder making organization within 3DDrive easier than ever.

3DDrive move selection tool
3DDrive move selection tool

The 3DDrive app makes it easy to work with Microsoft Office files on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Learn more tips with our training courses and video tech tips.