Working with Layers in SOLIDWORKS Drawings

By TriMech on

Using layers can save time when it comes to your drawings. They act as a grouping to speed up formatting for your drawing information. Layers contain information about an annotation’s color, font and thickness. They can also be hidden from view on drawings and from prints. Check out this week’s Video Tech Tip to see how to create a layer and modify its properties.

Layers can be easily accessed from the
Layers toolbar. This will need to be activated, which can be done by right-clicking on the Command Manager > Toolbars > Layers. This will pop up a drop-down list and an icon. The drop-down list is showing available layers to make active and the icon next to the list is the Layer Properties.

Layer properties selection in SOLIDWORKS
The Layer Property dialog box is where all the information is stored and managed.

Layer Properties dialog box in SOLIDWORKS

To create a layer, simply click the New button on the right side. This will create a new row in the layers list. From there, the name, description, visibility in drawing, visibility in prints, color, style and thickness can be modified. Once you click OK and exit the dialog box, the newly created layer will be the active layer.

The active layer is the layer applied to new annotations. An existing annotation layer can be modified by right-clicking and choosing Change Layer at the bottom.

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