Why Your Business Should Invest in 3D Printing

By Tricia Klebe on

3D printing can revolutionize the way you do business. It has been proven time and time again in a number of different industries and applications. Keep reading to see if 3D printing is the right investment for your company.

Outsourcing vs In-House

Whether you get the most ROI from outsourcing 3D printing services versus printing in-house has been an evolving question. Before, traditional methods were suitable for many companies. But due to dramatic technology advancements in the last decade, there are now more cost-effective options. With an ever-expanding line-up, Stratasys now has 3D printers suitable for every budget. So if you find yourself consistently sending out parts to be printed, it may be time to look into moving your operations in-house.

With a 3D printer in-house, your company can skip unnecessary steps and make your workflow more efficient. Instead of sending your parts to be printed and waiting up to ten business days to find out your part needs design modifications and to be reprinted, now you print your part in-house in just hours and make changes immediately without waiting on external services. This can severely impact time to market.

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Infographic Why Your Company Should Invest in 3D Printing

Investing in a 3D Printer Comes with Several Advantages

Not only does owning a 3D printer speed up time to market, but it can also save you up to 3-5 times less per part. This can help your company deliver new innovations ahead of your competitors and ensure design integrity and confidentiality. These are only a few of the advantages of having a 3D printer. For more reasons why your company should invest in 3D printing, download our infographic.

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