Why HR Departments Use Staffing Agencies

By Ruben Nigaglioni on

Organizations are often overwhelmed by the hiring process. Each hire is critical and nobody wants to inadvertently waste resources training employees that don’t match the company vision.

When it comes to hiring, there are circumstances that can provide an extra challenge: hiring for technical positions, managing temporary employees and being prepared for company growth.

  1. Hiring for Technical Positions

Human Resources is asked to find a candidate that is an expert in a very specific technology. For example:

  • Mechanical Engineers with proven CAD skills (SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, Unigraphics etc.)
  • Manufacturing Engineers with Six Sigma certification
  • Electrical Engineers with Allen Bradley PLC programming proficiency

Unless someone in Human Resources has a background in these areas, they will have a difficult time vetting candidates. Finding people with the right skills for a specific undertaking can be a reason companies use staffing agencies.

  1. Managing Temporary Employees

Human Resources is asked to manage temporary contract employees.  How benefits are applied to someone on a contract needs to be addressed.

Staffing agencies can offer benefit packages directly to temporary employees, which enables the hiring company to manage the work/life balance of all employees, temporary or permanent.

  1. Talent for Growth

Using a staffing agency can help organizations maintain productivity and keep up with company initiatives. Technology staffing services have become an important part of how companies grow and change.

To excel in today’s hiring environment you have to be speedy and specific. Using an expert/niche team for hiring is becoming a best practice for companies in order to reach their goals for growth.

TriMech Services offers a unique approach to matching the specialized skillsets of our candidates to the engineering specific industry.