Why Connections Matter

By Jeremy Hirsch on

Two years ago, TriMech Staffing placed a Mechanical Engineering at a robotic systems company in the Northeast. The company was looking for a mid-level candidate of about 5-7 years, but during our search that we came across a very junior engineer. However, they had practice doing everything our client was looking for.

While they certainly had fewer years under their belt, this candidate had a wide range of direct experiences and internships that gave them the perfect mixture of talents our clients had been searching for in their new hire. The candidate also had a great mind for engineering and an amazing personality. Knowing the candidate lacked the experienced, but still had all these incredible traits, we submitted this candidate and secured them not only their interview but got them their job.

While this is a nice story, why share it? Placing a candidate is what you do in staffing. Not to cliché anyone to death, but it’s the journey over the destination. Breaking down the parts of this simple story, show what is truly important.

Relationships Matter

Relationships MatterFirstly, it starts with a solid relationship with our clients. Because we had listened to their needs and asked questions we got a good sense of where they were trying to go with the position. Any staffing company can be order-takers but digging deeper gets to actual needs and wants. It is imperative when you are partnering with a company on anything to understand what the company’s goal is for making a purchase or move. We knew this was a smaller company that needed a certain personality to fit in a small-group environment where they would be asked to wear multiple hats.

Understanding Matters

Understanding MattersFrom there, the relationship and understanding the recruiter brought to the candidate really mattered. Far too often in staffing do you find recruiters who dismiss someone because they do not fit a pre-established checklist. Our recruiter could have scrapped the resume because the candidate did not have the right amount of years, but then they would have missed the skills. The recruiter could have also not taken the chance to call this candidate and would have missed out on their personality and passion for the role. By vetting and cultivating a relationship with the candidate, our recruiter was able to see the benefits they brought to our client and the excellent fit for our candidate.

Trust Matters

Trust MattersFast-forwarding to today, that candidate reached back out to TriMech. They are moving to a different state and thought of us for assistance in their new job search. The placement we made for them two years ago was a wonderful fit and they told us they never forgot that. It is why they turn to us and trust us again to help them in their job search. They told us that we listened to them and understood what they wanted in their career and that the recruiter that helped them felt like they weren’t just pushing them to take a job for the sake of making a placement, but took the time to make sure it was a fit that matched their interests and happiness.

We still work with the company as well. They also felt that by communicating strongly with their team, we understand their company and culture. We have continued sending people who match what they are looking for in Engineers and Designers.

In the end, you can go about staffing in one of two ways. You can listen to understand and build a lasting partnership, or you can just grab a job and throw candidates at it in hopes you get a fill. Clients have told us they believe partnering with TriMech is key to their staffing success.

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