By Haley Huffman on

Are SOLIDWORKS YouTube tutorials just not cutting it? TriMech has the solution for you. Anyone can learn SOLIDWORKS with the right tools and training. Whether you are a first-time user, already a CAD user and are jumping between programs or a veteran user looking for a refresh or to pick up new skills, TriMech has free and paid training offerings. TriMech offers live classes in person or online with expert training consultants who are eager and willing to ensure each student has the tools needed to succeed as a SOLIDWORKS user.


Where Do I Go to Learn SOLIDWORKS?

Although there are tons of resources on SOLIDWORKS, it can be overwhelming to narrow down what is necessary to becoming an effective user. Along with it being overwhelming, if not careful while trying to learn SOLIDWORKS independently, a user can pick up poor modeling habits that can make them a less effective designer down the road. Good modeling practices increases productivity, makes for better designs, is more cost efficient and can lead to more innovation.


The Essentials Class is the First Step

For a new user, TriMech offers the Essentials class. The Essentials class makes learning accessible to anyone and covers design intent and good practices, sketching basics, part modeling, drafting, patterning, revolves, shelling, ribs, repairs, configurations, variables, drawings, and assemblies. By the end of the class, you’ll be ready to become a certified SOLIDWORKS user. For the more advanced users looking to expand their knowledge repertoire (or gain their CSWE), TriMech offers twenty plus different CAD classes in areas such as sheet metal, surface modeling, and mold design.


First developed in 1996, SOLIDWORKS is a powerful parametric solid modeler that streamlines the design process. SOLIDWORKS combines an intuitive user interface with the concept of parametric modeling to make it accessible for anyone to learn. This combination has made SOLIDWORKS a household name because of its accessibility.

SOLIDWORKS is one of the most popular 3D CAD software on the market today. TriMech training offerings make SOLIDWORKS accessible to everyone not just Engineers. Getting trained to be an efficient SOLIDWORKS user allows for improved design quality, reduced errors and quicker turnaround in the design process. It also allows for users to gain confidence to use SOLIDWORKS at the professional level.