Where are the SOLIDWORKS Tutorials?

By Sawyer Gara on

When learning any tool, one of the best ways to start becoming an expert is to take a formal training class on whatever subject you want to gain additional knowledge in. However, it’s a good idea to play around with the tool beforehand and gain a little comfort with the commands before enrolling in training. Specifically, with our SOLIDWORKS Essentials training class one of the prerequisites is to work through the Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Tutorial prior to the first day of class. This helps a user “bridge the gap” between being completely green and being ready to absorb all the great information in the training session.

This sounds all well and good, right? But you’re probably asking yourself “Where can I find the tutorials?” Luckily for all SOLIDWORKS Users, these tutorials are built right in and even include the sample files needed to work through them. Accessing them is super simple! In the top right corner of SOLIDWORKS we can click on the Question Mark icon and inside of this menu is our access to the SOLIDWORKS tutorials.

SOLIDWORKS Tutorial Screen

When we click on “Tutorials”, SOLIDWORKS will shrink down and work split-screen with the tutorials. The tutorial homepage offers a quick introduction to the included content and quick links to different types of tutorials. These include the Introduction to SOLIDWORKS tutorial (your prerequisite to SOLIDWORKS Essentials), some additional getting started tutorials, and the link to All SOLIDWORKS Tutorials. There are over 50 tutorials built in to SOLIDWORKS covering topics from that initial introduction to SOLIDWORKS to animations to even importing and exporting your designs.

SOLIDWORKS Tutorial Screen

The actual tutorials are extremely easy to follow with references to the files being opened, links to additional helpful topics, images, and finally buttons to navigate between steps. The combination of easy to follow steps and easy to decipher images can allow almost anyone to learn a huge list of SOLIDWORKS tools right from inside the familiar SOLIDWORKS Interface.


The built-in tutorials offer a great way to get your feet wet on a lot of topics you may want to learn more about. They offer a nice step-by-step approach to self-paced learning a new topic. If you have any additional questions or wish you knew more about the topic, check out our Training Classes or reach out to your local Client Executive to learn more!