What’s New In SOLIDWORKS 2015, Part 4: Sheet Metal & Weldments

By Heather Sutton on

Structural_Member_GroupingsThis week, we’re covering sheet metal parts and weldments in the latest installment of our What’s New In SOLIDWORKS 2015 series

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Sheet Metal

Bent Lofted Bends

Bent_Lofted_BendsLast year, the bend method was introduced. In 2015, one of its limitations has been lifted. Using the bend method, we can have two sketches on nonparallel planes.


Gussets are normally placed in the folded up model. However, if you want to know where they would be positioned in the flat pattern, you can make them visible. You can see the gusset profile in a flat state and/or the gusset center.

Sketched Bends

With sketched bends, we can now view a preview. You can see exactly what the bend is going to do before you commit to the change.

Mirrored Parts

If you choose to keep the link from the mirrored part to the original part, you now have the option to transfer the sheet metal information.


Structural Member Visual Grouping

It’s easier to see which structural members go with which groups. If you hover over the parts, you can see what group it belongs to.

Corner Treatment Dialog Box

If you choose to change the corner treatment to one intersection, we can now manipulate the model while the dialog box remains visible. It’s much easier to visualize the effects of changing the order of trimming.


Gussets can be placed between structural members that don’t touch (round members and a combination of round or flat faces).

End Caps

In 2015, end caps can be placed inside the ends of tubes.

Weld Beads

The beads can be placed in multiple bodies, not just two. You can also pick individual edges to add a weld bead along.

Automatic Update Of Cuts List

Automatic_Update_Cut_ListsWith one simple click, your cut list is automatically updated.

Weldment Options

In the document properties, you can automatically rename cut list folders with a description.

Quantity And Total Length Properties

These are brand new default properties for cut lists.


If you isolate bodies in a multi-body part file, you can now save that as a display state. You could isolate before, but the save option was not a part of the toolbar.

See examples of these features and more in our on-demand “What’s New In SOLIDWORKS 2015” webinar!