What’s New In SOLIDWORKS 2015, Part 2: Sketching Features

By Heather Sutton on

There are so many great features in SOLIDWORKS 2015 that we couldn’t cover it all in one post. Part 1 of this six part series covered the SOLIDWORKS 2015 interface. In Part 2, we’ll discuss the new sketching features.

Angle_DimesionsAngle Dimensions

In 2015, you can now make angular dimensions without creating extra construction geometry you don’t need.

Sketch Relations

Now, when we sketch entities, a sketch toolbar will appear automatically showing possible relationships. You can also select a common point to see those relationships appear.

Symmetrical_Angle_DimensionsSymmetrical Angular Dimensions

You can now get double dimensions with angles rather than just lines.

Midpoint Line

This is a new type of line available in SOLIDWORKS 2015. Now we have lines, center lines and midpoint lines. This will create a symmetrical line segment about its midpoint.


Every type of rectangle can now have construction lines, not just center rectangles. They can either be diagonally or from midpoint to midpoint.

Select_Chain_For_Construction_GeometrySelect Chain For Construction Geometry

Previously, the select chain command was only available for solid sketch geometry. Now, it’s available for construction geometry. It selects things that are connected end to end.

Equidistant Points And Segments

This is a brand new sketching command. It will break a sketch entity, line or circle into multiple segments or will replace points along that segment.

Converting Spline Types

The main thing to know here is you can easily change from a regular spline to a style spline or vice versa.

Spline_On_SurfaceSpline On Surface

Instead of just a single face, a spline can span multiple faces. You can then add sketch relations and dynamically drag items.

Want more details on these features? Check out the full on-demand webinar, “What’s New In SOLIDWORKS 2015.”